Success Stories

Ms. Glory

Poor girl was dumped at a high kill shelter, where she was terrified, now enjoying her new awesome life, with her forever family ❤️






Walt Plays BallWalt Goes Hiking


He’s an Aussie/heeler mix who came from a high kill shelter, and was covered in fleas and ticks. That’s no condition for finding a family. After a whole lotta TLC, he has a new lease on life. Now this natural athlete is spending his days traveling, hiking, playing ball, and loving life.💚


Spock (as Featured in the Greeley Tribune)

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Peter Steeves has a heart for the hard cases, the ones that wrinkle noses at animal shelters, and perhaps the blind blue heeler knew that when he bumped against Steeves’ leg. Steeves is an animal control officer for the Weld County Sheriff’s Office. He was there to collect the heeler because his owners were being evicted and didn’t want him any longer.It didn’t seem like they wanted him at all anyway.
The heeler had a ragged coat, and his milky eyes were probably the result of neglect as well. He’d obviously spent his whole life outside. When Steeves offered him a treat, the dog sniffed at it the way a child might look at some cough syrup. Steeves heard from others that he was aggressive, even mean.Yet when Steeves put him in the truck, the heeler didn’t growl. He cuddled. Right away, he seemed to appreciate Steeve’s warm hand.  (read the whole article about this successful rescue)